Do You "Map" Out Your Day? / by Stephen Cooper

You know how good it feels when you get so much done and your day seems to go right as planned.

I wonder how well we plan our days for this type of success.

When it comes to staying on track to lose fat, there must be a daily plan or "map".  Certain steps must be completed each day to bring you closer to your goal.

Here are my suggestions to creating this "map"...

Keep it simple.  The faster and easier you can create this plan the better.  Don't stress about setting up the perfect system, just get it on paper.

Create you day so that you plan your meals and your exercise times.  Put these in your schedule as appointments, and keep your word that you will make these appointments.

Get to bed on time.  Plan your day so that you have time to wrap up any business be it at work, or online.  Plan so that you can slow down in the evening and get away from the distractions (work, Facebook, etc.) of your day.

These things are simple yet not easy...but definitely need to be part of your daily routine if you want a long and healthy life.