"Do From Home" Workout for 4th of July / by Stephen Cooper

Do some type of sufficient warm up for 5-8 minutes.  This could be any exercises like arm swings, squats, lunges, etc..


45 sec of push ups
45 sec of jump squats
hold side plank (ALAP)  as long as possible
Repeat 3 times
Rest 60-90 seconds

45 sec. of handstand push ups
45 sec. of crunches with both knees to one side
hold extended plank (ALAP)
Do as many prone frog mountain climbers as possible (This is the one where your hands are at the end of your mat and you jump both feet in by hands and then out ¾ of the way to full leg extension.)
45 seconds of squats (drop down in one second, then raise up counting to 4)
Repeat 2-3 times

You are done :)