3 of My Favorite (Paleo and Gluten Free) Resources for Back to School Lunch Ideas / by Stephen Cooper

Back to School Lunch Courtesy Nom Nom Paleo

I admit, I am a really lame cook, but having a son in 8th grade, and wanting to provide him the best meals available, I've searched around and found some great resources for me and for you.

Resource #1: Carrie Vitt's Deliciously Organic  This mom of two, and wife provides tons of great recipes using organic, unprocessed ingredients.

Resource #2: Sarah Fragoso's Everyday Paleo  Sarah has excellent recipes and 3 books about Paleo cooking.   I love the pictures and easy steps provides for her easy to follow recipes.

Resource #3:  Michelle Tam's Nom Nom Paleo  Mouthwatering photos and recipes here.  These will really inspire you to get cooking.  Check out her 5 Part Series of Paleo School Lunches, and she has a sweet Paleo cookbook app for the iPad.