Cooler Boot Camp Mornings / by Stephen Cooper

Sunnier boot camp mornings

Sunnier boot camp mornings

If you splurged over the weekend, it's time to get back on track.  A good morning ritual is to drink a greens or vegetable drink.  I go for convenience, and the one I use you can get from Whole Foods, or online at Amazon.  Garden of Life Super Foods

 Today's Boot Camp Workout

Equipment needed: Kettlebell or dumbbell, timer

Warm up  ( 1 min )

1.  4 point prone shoulder thread through

2.  Easy jumping jacks

3.  High knee skips (in place or moving) 

4.  Inchworm walk out

5.  Reverse lunge

Work  ( 1min 30 sec )

6.  Alternate, 12x push ups with 8x renegade KB row,  Advanced= elevated push up 

7.  Squat hold shoulder press 15x with 8x standing KB row

8.  KB front squat 20x with 20 sec. plank hold

9.  KB deadlift 10x with 5, 10 second sprints

10.  Split jumps 8x with 12x push ups

11.  Pull up max with 12x squat jumps

12.  10x push ups with 10x reverse lunge

Switch to 30 sec each exercise, rest as little as possible between sets, complete 3 full sets

13.  Jumping jacks

14.  KB swings

15.  Bird dog push ups


Still 30 sec

16.  Side shuffle

17.  Plank hold 30 sec

18.  KB pullover


19.  KB swings

20.  RKC plank

21.  Bicycle crunch

Rest and stretch as necessary


Calendar of Events

New Camp begins Nov 1.