Is There A Fat-Loss Formula? / by Stephen Cooper

Photo credit...  Neto Fernandez

Photo credit... Neto Fernandez

For each camp I often think I should have some type of "form letter" describing tips or what you should do to get the best results from boot camp...but then I realize that each client is different, and the same strategy doesn't work for everyone.

In coaching you during camp my main hope is to help you learn the habits which I feel are most helpful in changing your body composition and health...for the long term.  I could have you do some pretty drastic things, and the results might come quickly...but they could also fade just as fast if you quit.  I prefer laying out methods which will hopefully impact your health not only today, but for your lifetime.

So focus on these three areas.

  1. Sleep and recovery
  2. Training
  3. Eating as close to natural as possible

You'll need to be consistent in all of these areas to see the best results.

I have clients email me so that I can hold them accountable and help them with suggestions.

Here is an example of a client's day...

Meals for Monday, January 27th.

slept  =  7.5 hours
breakfast  =  homemade Paleo egg salad.
exercise  =  boot camp and 30 min on stair climber & 15 min slow jog on treadmill.
lunch  =  baked chicken and saute cabbage in liquid Aminos & olive oil
snack  =  strawberries w/almond milk
dinner  =  beef short ribs, cauliflower mash & roasted Brussels sprouts
water  =  64 oz.

These daily choices add up.  Either in a positive direction, or negative.  

Be strategic about your day and your life.  Your body and your health will thank you.


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