Sunny November Mornings / by Stephen Cooper

Note:  Please use your time wisely.  If you are training with me, you only have 2 or 3, forty- five minute classes.  As you are driving to class, begin to clear your mind away from work/home problems, and shift it towards giving the workout your 100%.  Get off your phone, this time is for you.  (Of course I understand that the phone can be necessary for emergencies, but if you know it's going to distract you from your training, wait till after class.  

Life is short.  Your effort in taking care of yourself is important.  Don't cheat yourself.

Today's Workout

Equipment Needed: Kettlebell

Warm up (65 sec.)

  1. Sit in deep squat
  2. Standing glute squeeze
  3. Towel hamstring stretch
  4. Standing crucifix, thumbs up, chest high
  5. Chin tuck, hold 3 sec, repeat

Work (65 sec)

  1. KB swings
  2. Clapping push ups
  3. Big mountain climbers
  4. Plank saw
  5. Thai KB to knees
  6. Plie squat
  7. Hold squat with wood chops
  8. Frog hops on mat
  9. Hold out KB and "steer" 
  10. Diamond push ups
  11. KB sumo high pull
  12. Shoots
  13. Hold KB and jog in place
  14. Plank walks
  15. Frozen "v" sit
  16. 1 leg pistol with KB



November 8, Group Hike to Inspiration Point 7:30 AM.  RSVP with me and contact me about details.

No Classes on Thanksgiving Day (27th) nor the day after, Friday the 28th