November Boot Camps Begin / by Stephen Cooper

Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point


I've found that I get distracted very easily when it comes to the internet.  MInutes, sometimes hours can be spent browsing from one fitness article to the next.  You know the titles, "8 steps to better abs", "shrink your waist size with these 7 quick tips"...and so on.

My advice to you, and one I try to follow is to get out there and do the work.  Put in the time training, and preparing healthy meals, rather than just reading about it.

Note down below, I'm planning a group hike for this Saturday.  We'll leave from the top of Lake Ave, and hike up to Inspiration Point.  I hope that you can join us.

Today's Workout:

Equipment Needed: None, bodyweight only

Warm up (65 sec.)

  1. Squat, hamstrings to calves
  2. Cross arm, lean back, twist crunch
  3. Alternating Supermans
  4. Plank hold, 5 sec to tiger push up 5 sec, alternate
  5. BJJ umpa

Work (65 sec)

  1. Lunge to front, lunge to rear with same leg
  2. Mountain climber
  3. 1 foot push up
  4. Jump squat 5x to curtsey lunge 5x, alternate
  5. Diagonal 1 foot mountain climber
  6. Hold ankle, reverse lunge, knee touches mat
  7. Pike push up
  8. Split lunge pump
  9. Big hop mountain climbers
  10. Leg lifts
  11. Duck walks
  12. Tight, close, extended plank
  13. Windshield wiper
  14. Big step mountain climber
  15. Banana rock
  16. Banana rock hold
  17. Dynamic side plank, split feet, up and down


November 3, Monday, Wednesday, Friday Camps Begin

November 4, Tues/Thur Camp Begins

November 8, Group Hike to Inspiration Point 7:30 AM.  RSVP with me and contact me about details.

No Classes on Thanksgiving Day (27th) nor the day after, Friday the 28th