Spring Boot Camps Begin Monday, March 2 / by Stephen Cooper

Come join me for the March Boot Camps.  We begin on March 2 & March 3.

As you may have guessed a few more openings are available for the March boot camp classes.  (New Year's resolutions have calmed some.)

Are you a morning person?  Those who come to my morning class (5:45 am - 6:30 am) are those who have trained with me the longest and most consistently.  You may be the same...knowing that the only time you can fit in exercise would be before work, and before your family wakes up. You'll be joining a group of people just like you, rolling out of bed, but positive, and ready to encourage and help each other.

How about after work?  I'll admit that for many it's more of a challenge to skip the after hours drinking and catching up on House of Cards...but many do fit in an evening workout.  The evening group (6:00 PM - 6:45 PM) is a friendly and fun group who work hard together, and many have had awesome fat loss results to show for their efforts.

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