Keep it simple / by Stephen Cooper

It may seem odd that with a new boot camp class beginning in a couple of days, that I'm actually recommending this, but here goes...

One of my boot campers told me this morning that she lost an important work contract so she's unable to afford the upcoming April camp.  (We start on Wednesday, contact me for details.)

She mentioned that she'd probably get a gym membership even though she hates going to the gym.  My suggestion to her was to buy a kettlebell, and get the book, The Swing, by Tracy Reikind.

With our busy schedules, it's often a lot easier to just grab a kettlebell and get in some swings.  It may sound too simple, but the swings will work both cardio and the muscles.

Great results will come through dedicated work and challenging your body.  

Save yourself some time, and get in some challenging and focused swings, over a wasted trip to the gym.