Slow Down to Accomplish More / by Stephen Cooper

"Going faster doesn't make you less lost." - Seth Godin

Things rings so true with training, doesn't it?  I often see or hear about people who are scanning Facebook, Instagram, or the internet, looking for the latest workout fad, the next diet, or the "new/best" supplement that will finally get the weight off.

Unfortunately, this time spent searching might have been better spent actually putting in the hard work.  Getting to be early, prepping healthy meals, and training.

When in doubt, focus on doing the hard work.

P.S.  Just came across while reading the LA Times...

"...Buddhism.  It's not the easiest religion, as anyone who has attempted to meditate for five minutes knows, yet it is immensely popular.  Why?  Becuase on some deep, intuitive level we know that we have to do hard work to attain what we are seeking." - Eric Weiner