Sticking With Simple / by Stephen Cooper

"Competitive “sophistication” (rather, complication masked as sophistication) is harmful, as compared to the practitioner’s craving for optimal simplicity."

—Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile

I was talking with one of the boot campers this morning, and we were speaking of fitness and diet gimmicks.  Over my 16 or so years as a trainer, I've seen so much "B.S.".

Keep things simple.

  • Pay attention to your sleep and recovery.  Make sleep a priority, and find ways to reduce your stress.  (Easier said than done, but nonetheless, important.)
  • Eat a variety of whole foods.  Buy as natural as possible, and as less processed as you can.   High quality over quantity.  Eat less than you can burn off.
  • Challenge your body with physical movement.  Be it walking fast, yoga, whatever you can to challenge yourself and get you breathing hard.

You'll start achieving your desired results when you realize that being fit takes consistency and hard work.