Schedule for Thanksgiving Week and December / by Stephen Cooper

A quick reminder that this will be a very short week.

You only have Monday and Tuesday to train.  Make the most of these days.

In years past, I've held class on both the day before, and the day after Thanksgiving.  Many said they would train, but few showed.  

This year I will take off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I find that I'm a better trainer, with some regular days off.

Speaking of off, after Thanksgiving I will be reducing my time on social media.  I will have someone cover and post on the Facebook Page, but if you need to reach me, please email me.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I want to keep the focus of updates and news here on the site. 


November 23,24,25 no classes

December 1, new Tues/Thur Camp begins

December 2, Mon/Wed/Fri Camp begins

December 23 no class Christmas 

December 26 no class Christmas

Jan 2 no class New Years Observed