Once a Year Special Price Starts Today / by Stephen Cooper

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

I am very grateful to those of you who have attended Boot Camp this year.  I get a lot of joy in helping you and sharing in your progress and spending time with you in class.  I sincerely appreciate you.

To those who've trained with me for some time, you know that I try to be as reasonable as I can with your payments and the fee that I charge for the Camps.  And you also know that I don't offer gimmicks, or advertise throughout the year.  I'd much rather have a smaller, more dedicated clientele, rather those looking for a quick fix from misleading marketing hype.

So, this brings me to the special for 2017.

Starting today and ending on December 9th, you can prepay and save 15% on as many Camps as you'd like for 2017.  You can buy as many months as you like at the discounted rate, or pay for the whole year. It's totally up to you. You'll just need to decide how committed you are, and how this fits into your budget.  

But, remember that this special offer ends December 9th.  

Payments can be made in person by bringing me cash or a check, or I can accept payments online via Venmo or PayPal.

Note that rates will be going up in 2017.  I want to purposely keep the classes small, and provide a more personal experience.  

As the world gets busier, my desire is to dig deeper and share what works with you.  More noise, more soundbites, and more distractions are not the answer to better health and fat loss.

For 2017 I will be buying some new equipment, and really helping you to stay focused on what matters, and what produces results.

Thanks so much!