January 2017 Camps / by Stephen Cooper

2017 Camp Announcements

In planning ahead for 2017, I have two major themes.

Simplifying and being Proactive


With our lives becoming ever more complicated and fast paced (think eating with one hand, and texting with the other while driving), I'm going to try to strip away the clutter and distractions.  In my own life, this means less or no social media and deeper study on improving myself, and learning and sharing how I can better help you.  

I'll be sharing with you here on the blog, newsletter, and email. 

For you...take a close look and to see how and where you are directing your time and energy.  Make the most of each moment in 2017.

Second...being proactive.

As life and time seem to speed by, it's even more important to execute the steps which bring you closer to your goals.  A lot of things and people will be enticing you to spend your time and energy with them in 2017, but pause and direct your own path.

Two new things for Boot Campers in 2017

So many of you are now using the FitBit, that starting in January I will be able to monitor your physical activity, as well as your healthy eating.  You'll check in on your phone, and I will have a dashboard where I can see your steps/exercise/sleep, etc, and make my suggestions.

And also new and very exciting, is the nutrition and lifestyle daily coaching program with Precision Nutrition. I've been following PN ever since I became a trainer, and this plan is top notch.  As long as you are an active and full-time Boot Camper, I will get you on board.  You'll receive daily coaching, tips, and accountability.  (Note that PN charges $179 per month on their site for this coaching)  And this plan is for 52 weeks!  (Note that I will be charging non Boot Campers for this added coaching, but I'm passing this along for free as a thanks to you for training with me.) 

2017 Boot Camps start on Jan 3 (Tue/Thur), and Jan 4 (Mon/Wed/Fri).

Cost is $187 for MWF
and    $147 for Tu/Th

Please contact Hazel(at)BootCampPasadena.com for questions, or call us at (626)609-7399.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays...and the very best of health and happiness in 2017.

See ya,