Spring Boot Camp Classes Begin April 1 / by Stephen Cooper


Spring is a good time to do a little "spring cleaning".  

Look at your habits, people, and things, that are stopping you from being your best.

What habits are interfering with your fat loss and better health?  Are you sitting too much? Watching Netflix and Facebook videos?  Get active!  Set an example for your kids.  You may need to track just how much time you spend sitting and wasting on social media and TV.

Get rid of "toxic" people.  I say this as I've it seen it too many times where people try to sabotage the progress of my clients.   Have a serious look at those who try to get in your way to better health.  Don't put up with their sh..!  You only have one life, so don't let jerks interfere with bettering yourself.

Eating... keep things simple.  Eliminate the biggies..soda, junk/fast food, processed stuff.  If you think it's crap, it probably is.  Stick to the basics...proteins, vegetables, healthy fats, fruit, and water.  Spend less time watching cooking shows, and actually get to cooking.

Excuses...get rid of them.  Not getting enough sleep?  Make it a priority to structure your time to fit in enough sleep. Yes, I realize that many people work crazy hours, have kids, two jobs...I get it...but be honest with yourself.  Look at each of your "excuses" and decide what's most important in your life.  

If a group training environment can help you to create and keep good habits, then here are the April Boot Camp options...

Morning classes meet at 5:45 am - 6:30 am
Evening classes 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm

There will be 13 classes for the M,W,F Camp, and the cost is $175
And 8 classes for the Tu/Thur option at $135

So much for a lighthearted April Fools Newsletter :)

Contact me with questions,

P.S.  Note to Active Boot Campers, please confirm with me if you haven't already if you will be continuing in this April Camp.  Thanks.