Master the basics / by Stephen Cooper

A few clients had recently emailed me asking what they should do to lose fat.  Here's exactly what I would do to lose the weight.

Sleep 8 hours a night.  Get it into your schedule, and make it happen.  Look into taking Magnesium in the evening to help with sleep.  Cool, dark, peaceful bedroom.  I suggest a good quality sleep mask.

Eat only lean proteins (fish, chicken or turkey breast, lean cuts of beef) and vegetables.  That's it. No alcohol, no soda, no fries, no fruit...till you reach your goal.  Coffee or tea if you like, and plenty of water.

Train - make all of our boot camp sessions.  Let me know if you have time for workouts to do outside of class, which days and time, and I will suggest some.

These are simple...but not easy.  Master the basics, and you definitely see the benefits.