Stop the bull....! / by Stephen Cooper

A client recently talked about some wacky/dangerous diet program her friend supposedly lost x amount of weight in such a short period of time.  Here is my response...

As I get older, I realize how important it is for myself and as a coach to be authentic and very clear as to what it take to lose the weight...and keep it off.

I will not sell out to fads or bull shit.  Way to many fitness "professionals" are willing to hawk anything to make a buck or promote "miracles"...but that's not for me.

My suggestions to you are the same that I would share with my family, so no nonsense from me.

P.S.  I'd be willing to bet a lot of money that your friend will NOT keep off the weight when she stops that.  And then what?  What is the next "magical thing" she will jump to?  I've seen it way too many times.