What to do when you are trying to "lose a little weight" and suggestions of what to do on the days away from Boot Camp. / by Stephen Cooper

Here is my response to client...The weight comes off when all pieces of the puzzle are working together.  Meaning, if your sleep is sufficient, your exercise is challenging and frequent, and your eating is on target 85-90% of the time.

I think these days that most people are more sedentary, all of these areas have to be worked on and always improved.  

With eating it comes down to eating whole, nutritious foods. Lot's of protein, vegetables, some fruit depending on fat loss goals, and some healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oils, avocados, and nuts and seeds in moderation.  Things not on this list, make it harder to lose fat.

As far as doing exercise outside of camp, I usually suggest "sprint" work.  Doing any activity be it walking, biking, or on some type of gym-like machine...but doing sprints for 10-45 seconds, and then recovering for 1 minute.  Repeating these rest/sprints 6-10 times, and then a sensible cool down.  The whole idea is to push your body past it's comfort point, and then recover.


September Camps begin on Thursday Sept 1, and Friday the 2nd

No classes on Labor Day, Monday the 5th