Lady Gaga and the TRX Suspension Trainer / by Stephen Cooper

Lady Gaga training with the TRX before the Super Bowl

Lady Gaga training with the TRX before the Super Bowl

Core and fat loss training.

I'm not sure if you saw the Super Bowl, or Lady Gaga's performance.  Honestly, I only saw part of the first half, and clips of the second half and her performance.

But what interests me, is the "behind the scenes" training of both the players and Lady Gaga.  I'm fascinated by their commitment, dedication, and execution.  I study those who are at the top of their game no matter what profession.  They have achieved their success for a reason.

Lady Gaga was using the TRX Suspension trainer before her performance.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the TRX, it was designed by a former Navy Seal and Harvard MBA graduate.  We've been using the TRX in my boot camps for over 8 years.  (First Boot Camp in the Pasadena area, by the way.)

Myself and other professional trainers like Harley Pasternak (Lady Gaga's trainer) use them because they are safe, can be modified to work with your fitness level, and they always work the core and transfer over to real world applications.

For those active in my Boot Camp classes, I've been sending out the full write up of workouts (when they miss).  And today we did a TRX workout.  When I went to Amazon to see the price of a TRX, I noticed that they now offer a less expensive option.  Way back, I paid around $200 for each TRX.  Now TRX offers a home version for just $99.95  Click here to see it on Amazon.

For those of you who aren't training with me, but would like to receive the workouts and training plan, plus nutrition coaching, please contact me for details.  

Now, get to work!