Last night we spoke about what works... / by Stephen Cooper

Last night there were only a couple of clients at Boot Camp, so we had the opportunity to chat a little deeper than usual.

I mentioned to them that the more years I train, the more I believe that diet is about 80-90% of how you'll lose and keep the fat off.  (And when I say the word "diet" it's just that..the manner in which you eat.)

There a probably about 6 ways in which those who are super lean, get that way.  When I speak of "those" I'm talking about the Social Media picture taking people, actors, and body builders/fitness competitors.

Some people get that way with lucky genetics.  That's just the way it is.  They can eat more, train less, and still remain lean.

Many bodybuilders stick to a pretty high protein, low carb, and mostly low-fat method.  

The next option is a high protein low carb high fat (Keto diet).  

Another is sticking to a specific ratio (Macros) of protein, carbs, and fat...all adding up to a specific calorie intake.

Some do IF, or intermittent fasting...eating meals only in a certain window of time each day.

Some eat a "clean" or a Paleo-inspired diet.

And of course, there are vegan, and other special diets.

Mostly what they have in common are wholesome foods, in specific quantities,  to provide the fuel and energy you need to thrive, but not going above that.

You can experiment with any of these methods to see what best fits with you.  (Of course, if your medical professional advises you not to, then pay attention.)  

The faster you need to get the weight off (wedding, anniversary, etc.), then the more strict you'll have to be with any of these options. 

If you need help or have specific questions about any of these, contact me.