In Case You Slept In and Missed Your Workout, You Can Do This (Morning Workout Plan) / by Stephen Cooper


For whatever reason, you missed your workout this morning.  Well, here's the at-home workout I did and you can do too.


Warm up as needed then

On the Airdyne Bike (you can use whatever cardio machine you have, or just jog/run)

20 seconds as fast as possible, 40 seconds rest

repeat 4 X

Jump rope as fast as possible for 20 seconds, 40 sec rest

repeat 4x


5 sets of close grip (6") push ups as many as possible, with a 15 sec squeeze/isometric hold after each set (1-2 min rest between sets)


coffee, oatmeal with 1/2 scoop protein powder, and 1/2 apple cut up  (note, I'm not trying to lose weight, so yes I eat oatmeal)

Done - get on with the day

P.S.  If you are here in Pasadena and need a cheap but good jump rope, surprisingly Ross on Lake Ave has good ones.  Cheaper than you'll find on and other sporting goods stores.