Summer Fat-Loss Boot Camps Start June 1 / by Stephen Cooper

Mornings look like this...

Mornings look like this...

Now that we have daylight in the morning Boot Camps, you have one less excuse as to why you can't train.  

It's not that hard to wake up now, and getting it done in the morning guarantees that your exercise is taken care of.  From experience, I see too many people who don't start their day with exercise but promising that it will happen later.  And...guess what?  Somehow and for many reasons, the exercise doesn't happen.

Don't fool yourself.  Commit.

You can train with us Mon-Friday from 5:45 am - 6:30 am.  Choose 2-3 days per week. the evenings from 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm.

3x a week is $165, and twice a week is $135

Big improvements can be made in 1-2 months of training.  Don't let more time pass without taking action.

Contact me with any questions, and to secure your spot for the June Camps.

If you don't live close, but would still like some long distance coaching, I provide an online nutrition and workout option which may work for you.


P.S.  Current Boot Campers if you haven't already, please confirm if you'll be continuing in June.
P.S.S.  And note, no classes on Memorial Day.