No More Tilapia, Please No / by Stephen Cooper

A couple of weekends ago, we had some friends over, and the mom mentioned that she had attended another fitness class (Transformation ..something).  She said that she had lost 20 pounds or so...but that she had regained the weight and more when she stopped.  And that she was sick and tired of tilapia and broccoli.  The diet they were supposed to follow was very strict...lot's of tilapia.

Yes, diets work...temporarily.  And if you have an event with little time to lose weight, then yes a diet of some sort will shed some weight...but it is not sustainable.

Are you looking for results that last a month or two, or a lifetime?

The sooner and deeper you realize that long-lasting results come consistency and hard work, you can stop searching for the next gimmick or shortcut, and really get down to the work that produces lifelong results.

If you are ready to put in the work...join us - October Camps start Monday the 2nd for the Mon/Wed/Fri Camps (no classes on Halloween) and Tuesday the 3rd for the Tue/Thur Camps.

Cost is $165 for the 12 class MWF Camps  (No Classes on Halloween, or November 1)

and $125 for the 8 class Tu/Thur Camps

Contact me for questions and to register.

See ya

P.S.  If you're still only eating tilapia, here are some recipes for you,

P.S.S. Current clients please confirm if you'll be continuing (if you haven't already) in the October Camp.