In case you missed this morning... / by Stephen Cooper

In case you missed today's workout...

Equipment needed: kettlebell/Bands

Warm Up:

  1. Skips to fence and back
  2. Jog to fence, then lat stretch
  3. Jog back, sumo squat
  4. Bowlers stretch, walk-cross reach towards toes
  5. Alternating knee grab from standing position

Work: ( for 6 minutes, 1-3 reps-keep mouth closed-breathe through nose only-steady pace)

  1. KB goblet squat
  2. Bodyweight push ups

Work: (60 sec)

  1. KB pullover
  2. Prone “Y” raises
  3. Bird dog


  1. Standing Pallof Press with partner or band
  2. Walking out plank (hold 30 sec) - 3x