This week August 16, 2019 / by Stephen Cooper

A Short 3 Question Survey (from me), On How/If You Use Social Media

Survey link

Einstein - Focusing on What Needs to Get Done (article)

Good Morning America, video on Intermittent Fasting.

Boot Camper Client Spotlight - Artist, Milano Chow

I know that she’s modest and probably won’t want me sharing this, but I love seeing and sharing what my clients are up to.

Whitney Biennial - NYC

One of our Boot Campers uses the Freestyle Libre 14-day CGM device stuck to their arm which they can read and track their glucose levels with their Android phone. Pretty easy and accurate.

I thought of them when I read this article in the WSJ,

A Simple Way to Actually Stick to Your Goals (And Why You Don’t Need Motivation to Do It - James Clear