Boot Camp

Shake and Paint by Stephen Cooper

Morning get up and go breakfast shake. Water, protein powder, big handful spinach, frozen acai.  (Clients sometimes ask where can they buy frozen acai in Pasadena...I usually get Sambazon frozen acai at Whole Foods.) 


Some clients have asked me to post our workouts.  Here is the link to yesterday's workout.


We have a very fun event planned for Friday April 5 from 8 pm - 10:30 pm. 

We will be meeting at Paint The Town in San Marino.  There, we will have the whole place to ourselves.

Each person will get to select one studio painting and the instructor will walk you through the painting process, step by step. (Don't look to me for any tips or pointers...and no laughing at my lack of painting skills).  You can change colors, backgrounds and add whatever creative things you want. 

Don't worry if you have never painted before...

Please bring wine or your favorite beverage, and some healthy snacks if you like.

The cost is $25 per person.  Please confirm your space with me soon so that we can plan on supplies.


April 1, Monday, Wednesday, Friday Boot Camp Begins

April 2, Tuesday/Thursday Camp Begins

April 5, Paint The Town Party in San Marino


Two Tips for Boot Camp Success, and Tim Ferriss by Stephen Cooper

2 tips for today...

First Tip

My tip for getting and ready for your morning boot camp session.  It's going to get colder here in Pasadena so getting out of bed and to boot camp on time might be a little more challenging for some.

My tip is to have some strong green tea, coffee, or mate´before you leave the house.  For those of you here in the Pasadena area, I get my mate´from the Argentinian market at 1272 Villa St.  It comes "loose"in a bag like a bag of sugar.  If you buy it in this manner, you'll need to buy the special "bombilla" or metal straw.

You can also get it at Trader Joe's, in a "tea bag" option.  Look for the brand name Guayaki.  

Second Tip

I've been anticipating the release of Tim Ferriss' new book, The Four Hour Body...and one of the tips that makes sense, and which I think will help you is to take a picture of your meal.  Yep, snap a picture and then post it on our Facebook Page.  You can upload it, then just "tag" it with Boot Camp Pasadena.

I know that some of you may want to wait and do this with our upcoming Paleo Challenge, but I encourage you to get started now.

If you'd like receive information about our upcoming Paleo Challenge (Jan 3, 2011), and other news, join us here.

Lastly, we still have some spots for our Special Holiday Fat Burning Camp...Details Here


Relax, It's the Weekend. Plus It's Part of a Smart Fat Loss Plan. by Stephen Cooper

Morning boot campers working on the TRXYour success with losing fat during our boot camp , and keeping it off will depend a lot on creating balance in your life.

The best way I've found to do this is by showing up and training hard during the week.  In our case Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, are our training days.  My hope is that you have made it to each session and trained as hard as you could.

If you are trying to lose fat, which most of you in the boot camp have told me is your goal, then eating well should be right on target 6 days a week.

So now we've come to Saturday and Sunday.  For many this can be challenging.  Parties, bar-b-ques, weddings, etc., all of these usually include some rich foods, and many times alcohol.

If you have trained hard, and eaten well during the rest of the week, one day won't set you back on your goal to fat loss.  Your body may even "need" the shock to keep your metabolism revving. 

Enjoying the weekend with my daughter.

As you plan your week, keep in mind the one day which you'd like to treat yourself.  In my own example, last weekend we had a big get together to watch the World Cup game in which Brazil was playing.  I knew that I would want to eat more than usual, plus there were some desserts I wanted to eat.  I ate basically whatever I wanted without the worry that I would gain weight.  It's a good feeling to enjoy life.

The problem becomes when we over do it the rest of the week.

Plan your week.  If you need help with your specific situation, please contact me.