Review of the Last Client Survey / by Stephen Cooper

24 out of 29 people gave a "10" rating

24 out of 29 people gave a "10" rating

Hi guys,

I was looking through the last client survey and wanted to share the responses and my goals for improvements.

We had 29 people respond.  Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.  The next survey will be at the end of this month.

* Note that these are completely unfiltered and I didn't edit anything.

Questions and responses...

1.  What do you like about Boot Camp?

Consistent, structured, no class alike, friendly, work at your own pace

Bootcamp is always there, it's a great motivator to get up and do what I need to to stay healthy. It's also non-judgmental and easy to fit in. It's a habit I don't want to break.

I like the positive attitude of the other campers, how you email us and check in with attendance, the variety of workouts, and the atmosphere in the class.

All around workout.

The workouts are always a surprise, lots of variety.

The exercises vary from class to class, mixed skill levels.

Working out with other people.

The opportunity to have a full workout session in the outdoors while doing a broad routine and set of exercises targeting different areas of your body, strength, and resistance. I love the personable training style and schedule flexibility.

The diverse workouts, never a repeated workout.

I like the non-threatening environment you have created and knowing that no matter how advanced or novice I am that you will help me. The strength training and pushing my performance is also very important to me.

Variety of exercise, time of day, good price, no running

I get exercise before the morning starts.

Stephen who doesn't show favorites...interested in everyone improving. Very very caring and committed! You'd think fitness was his life. I like that he models fitness and self-care. Every class is unique.

Stephen's attitude (positive and encouraging but challenging), and my fellow boot campers! I also like the range of workouts and the variety of every week.

Great workout, with good variation and never boring. Coop is very supportive and he obviously cares a great deal about his clients.

Variety in workouts, the pace of training, no-nonsense encouragement & reality checks from you.

Feeling stronger. Not competitive like some other gyms.

Your coaching.

Like the outdoor setting, limited running, focus on strength, and camaraderie with others.

Stephen- the care and expertise with which he usually designs the series of exercises on any given day, the variety, the working of many different muscle groups, is friendly and considerate as well, patient with explaining, no mind games.

I love the variety of exercises.

I like that the workout is time efficient and early enough in the day to do it before work.

The instructor and other attendees, it makes me stronger, the pace, the respect

Individual focus.

I like the variety of exercises, the somewhat small size of the class, the opportunities to exercise and interact with a partner, not all the time but the here and there times. I also like the banter and good feeling that every participant seems to have.

The time/days it's offered That it's 45 minutes When we use equipment When it's "fast" paced Everyone can go at their own pace/level No shaming/intimidation.

The proximity to my home. The smaller class size in the evenings makes it feel like it's a private training session.

I like the time of the early morning class and the variation in routine. I always leave feeling like I got a good work out. People are down to earth and it starts my day out with such positivity.


2.  What would you like to see improve?

All good.

I like it how it is.

More opportunities to track diets and share healthy recipes and food prep ideas.

I don't have any suggestions.

A little more strength training with barbells to target arms and shoulders.


I enjoy it just the way it is. I like the variety of workouts. I'd like the circuit with the "stations" again soon

Encourage that everybody is fully engaged during the session and checking that exercises and postures are performed correctly

I love the workouts just always don't want to partner up. But I'm still learning

Better math on the cards! 😅 I think the variety of exercises and routines is good. Maybe more cardio can be added but I know you have already added more than before.

Even more variety.

More circuits and fewer burpees (no more cards). Plus more variable workouts.

More light in the morning. Wish I knew more names. PS on Q3 - I tell friends but they aren't ready. Sorry.

A little bit more variety of workouts and props... sometimes kettlebells get dull. Other than that, nothing!

More ergonomic weights. something that doesn't bang your wrists.

I had to really think about this - the only thing I could think of is more frequent tips, ideas, reminders of health/fitness related things.

Always like new equipment. Keeps it interesting.

Nothing. It is great

More variety with format (like circuit) or different time sessions (not just the one minute).

Get rid of the deck-of-cards idea, gets monotonous.

I would like to do more ab/ core strengthening exercises.

I think it's very good! Perhaps more exercises that utilize weights in some form.

I love circuits! More circuit work please!

More core and cardio exercises. Maybe some way for people to monitor individual progress on a monthly basis.

I honestly can't think of any improvements. I like the way it is.

More use of equipment keep it moving Announcing "30 seconds" to motivate to keep pushing through

No improvements needed, but the option of a Saturday morning class would be good.

More instruction on proper positioning for various exercises to get the mist out of them.

Less jumping and more cardio

3.  On a scale of 1-10, 10 being most likely, how likely are you to refer a friend to Boot Camp?

(See above picture)

My goals, and ideas on improvements. 

1.  You definitely like circuits, so I will increase those.

2.  Buy new equipment.  (If you have a favorite, let me know.)  I do have 3 particular ones in mind.

3.  More frequent communications on why I choose the exercises I give to you, and which muscles or systems they are working.

4.  On ways to monitor progress, there are many options and apps.  The most common tool for Boot Campers is probably the FitBit, followed by the Apple Watch.

Clients use a large variety of tracking apps.  My challenge is to work with these various systems to keep a sensible way to check in, without making it a pain in the butt to monitor every calorie eaten and calorie burned.

To those who are in my Online Coaching Program, there are frequent check ins, where photos, measurements, and weight are recorded.

I prefer that clients find the best system that works for them.  Then, let me know how I can keep you on track with your preferred system.

Everyone should be walking.  Be it 10,000 or more steps per day, or walking 20 minutes 3 times a day.  Make that happen, and you are well on your way to fat loss, better health, and a healthy back.