"I'm slipping" / by Stephen Cooper

My client writes... "I have a hard time when (No name) or (no name) are around because I'm nibbling on what they have and it's rarely good.  I justify by saying that I'm working out so much I can afford it. 

I'm hoping my email will help keep me on track today.  I'll see you at bootcamp today.

And my response...

I appreciate you sharing.

Junk is junk.  Eliminate it.

I remember reading Michael Pollan, http://michaelpollan.com/articles-archive/six-rules-for-eating-wisely/  and he had a good idea..."if you want to eat "junk" food, then only do so if you make it yourself."  Meaning, if you really want apple pie, then make the dough, cut the apples, and bake it yourself.  Take the physical action, and choose your ingredients wisely.  Makes total sense to me.

I see the change in you, in that you are at the point of "enough is enough".  If you are truly dedicated to losing the fat and setting a healthy example for (no name), you have to stick to your guns.

Years will pass, and she will observe your choices and model you.

Be the mom that is strong.  And I mean physically and mentally.  

Eating junk is easy.  Being disciplined and not letting others push you around is admirable.  Your daughter will remember this.