Too Hectic / by Stephen Cooper

I see more and more clients who either can't make it to training, or miss because of long commutes or work obligations.

Just recently I received this email..."I was stuck in traffic and didn't get back to town until after 6pm. Due to my work schedule, I don't think any of the sessions fit well into my current schedule. Hopefully, I will find a job closer to home soon and my schedule will allow me to join one of the sessions; however, I do not feel my work schedule currently permits it."

And my advice...Unfortunately, these days so many clients like you have long commutes and are expected to work at all hours and day of the week.

20 years ago when I was training many one on one clients, these type of pressures weren't present.

My advice would be to find a simple program that you can fit in at home.  Zuzka on YouTube,  has fast, free workouts.


A book that you might like which I really believe would be helpful is, "Wired to Eat", by Robb Wolf.  It's about diet, but also hits on the importance of sleep, stress reduction, and community.  So often I see people not paying attention to these areas and they battle with weight loss.