Swings, Core, Cardio / by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: Kettlebells

60 seconds for each set

Warm up

Prisoner Squat

Lateral squat, 60 sec to right, 60 sec to left

Spiderman with arm raise

Rocking ankle stretch

Leg swings 


(For each minute you will do # of kettlebell swings, then for the remaining part of the min. you will hold plank)

10x KB swings R arm, then hold plank for rest of min/ 10X L arm, then hold plank

14x same thing

18x same

22x same

Then for 60 sec you will do AMAP (as many as possible) swings with R arm, then AMAP with L arm 

Rest as nec. 

Squat hops

Push ups

Hindu squats


Walking lunges (use KB to make harder)

Seal jacks

Grasshopper pushups

Push up hold (go halfway down) and hold as long as possible

Squat hold 

Cool down and stretch as necessary