Medicine Balls and Boxing / by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: Medicine balls, and boxing gloves/mitts

60 seconds for each set

Warm up

Infinity arms (grabbing elbows and moving arms in figure 8 like pattern)

Supine hip lifts from mat

Standing hamstring stretch (spread legs into wide "V" position, hold back of legs near claves and pull chest towards thighs)

Shoulder stretch from quad position

Push up position, simply "pinch" shoulder blades and relase, repeat for minute.


Underhand scoop throws with medicine ball

Alternating med ball slam 5x with 5x crunch

Shot put "throws" with med ball

Rotational throws, one minute from each hip

Alternate 5x Squat with med ball while pushing arms and ball away from body, and 5x one leg pistol squat

Jog in place while pressing med ball overhead


1-2 punch 5x, then hold side plank for 15 seconds...repeat for 2 minutes

Uppercuts 5x, then other side plank...repeat for 2 minutes

Left, left, right punches 10x, then 10x "X" jumps

Hammer fist punch 5x, then 5x crunch


Regular crunch ups with arms locked and holding medicine ball, ball shoots towards sky

Russian twist, holding med ball, leaning back and touching ball behind and on each side.

Cool down and stretch as necessary


Alternate Workout (In case you don't have equip. mentioned for above workout)

Equipment needed: Jump rope, PowerWheel and/or AbMat

Set a timer for 20 minutes

For the 20 minutes you will jump rope for 30 seconds and do some type of ab work for 30 seconds

You'll alternate between this jump rope and ab work for the entire 20 minutes.

I mentioned the Power Wheel, and the AbMat, but if you don't have these you can simply do any version of ab crunches, planks, or the like.