Medicine ball and cardio / by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: Medicine ball, jump rope

Warm up: 

Knees on wall squat

Wood chop

Grasp hands inside/out roll

Prone hip openers (Pavel)

Work: (1:30)

Wall sit with medicine ball

Walking lunges with med ball

Goblet squat

Overhead walking lunge 

One leg reach with mb

Frog jumps

Push ups with both hands on ball, complete 30x reps, 20x, 10x


Then, for 5 minutes you'll complete 5x burpees every 30 seconds

2x clean with 5x sqauts (1:30)

6x step ups with 30 sec split jumps- repeat 2-3x

10x duck squats with 30 second jump rope, then 9x with 30 sec, 8x with 30 sec, and on down till 1


30 sec mountain climber with 30 sec RKC plank hold (do 4x)

6x lunges with 6x broad jumps

4x mb crunch with 30 sec crunch hold up with mb


4x 30 sec box jump burpee with 30 sec rest

Cool down and stretch as necessary