20/20/20 Workout / by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: SandBells or KettleBells

60 seconds for warm up sets

Warm up

Pulling alternating knees to chest as you walk

Side to side hops 30 sec, front to back hops 30 sec

Cradle your ankle and pull knee alternating for 60 sec

Diagonal hops 30 sec each direction

Walking hamstring stretches, pulling on foot (by laces)

"L" shoulder rotation

Work  (For each exercise you will do 20 sec/20 sec/20 sec for 3 sets) Try to go through all 3 sets with minimal rest

3 Sets Each

20 sec squat jumps, 20 sec triangle crunch (each leg), 20 sec elbow to knee push up

20 sec frog jumps, 20 sec weight to shins, 20 sec alternate knee to chest push up

20 sec split jumps, 20 sec Russian twists, 20 sec regular push up

20 sec hold plank with feet jumping open/close, 20 sec biceps curl, 20 sec triceps extension

20 sec sprints or high knees, 20 sec dips, 20 sec shoulder press push up (think high hips and touch top of head to mat)

Side plank

20 sec up and down lifts just one side - do this 4-8 times...then move on to other side and repeat

Regular crunch

8 times 20 sec

All done!  Stretch as necessary