TRX, Core, and Cardio / by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: TRX or similar suspension trainer, SandBells, KB, Jump rope

60 seconds for each set

Warm up

Standing straight arm core rotations 

Bent-over row, then rotate to a "W" raise

Arm Crossover

Super Dog

Plank Hold to Shoulder Tap

One Leg Pistol


TRX push ups

TRX knee tuck

TRX grappler pull (alternating sides)

TRX stir the soup (Right side, then left)


Sandbell getup

Sandbell clean and press

Lunge with sandbell on shoulder (Right side, then left)

Sandbell squat

Sandbell torso rotation


KB clean

Jump rope

Mountain climber


Jump rope


One leg crunch - 1 leg is straight and slightly off the ground, the other leg is straight but foot is up towards sky, both arms are straight then crunch while pushing hands towards feet.  (Do one side for 60 sec., then switch leg position and complete other side.)

Crunch where you reach Right hand and grap Left sole of foot, alternate these grabs Right and Left

Crunch where you are balancing on your butt, alternating extending your legs, while also grabbing or acting like you are climbing a rope towards the sky.

All done!  Stretch and cool down as necessary.