Train with weights...a female college professor tells it like it is. / by Stephen Cooper

You may or may not know that I belong to a mastermind group of personal trainers.  Some big names in the training world are in this group.  Our main coach is Todd Durkin.  He may not be a household name to you yet, but he is one of the top trainers in the world.

The reason I say this is that when I am away from you, I am quite often searching and learning the best ways to bring you the fat loss and improved health that you are striving for. 

The dozen or so trainers who  make up this group were discussing a challenging situation of a client who wanted to train while participating in the "Medi Fast" diet.  I wasn't aware of this diet, but evidently it is a very low calorie, 1,000 cal or less plan.  Many of us were chiming in on how we disagree with extreme plans such as this.

One of our team members, Lisa Garrity, who has a masters degree in exercise science and is currently a college professor in the same field, made this important comment:

"this is the doctrine I am preaching to EVERYONE at this point...less duration, higher intensity, 4-5 days per week frequency whether we are talking cardio or weights; and EVERYONE, especially women, need heavier, higher intensity weights to bring about the change that they are looking for.

for those of you that are not familiar with the current research that is coming out....there is a direct relationship between the amount of lactic acid that accumulates during a high intensity workout and the amount of growth hormone that is released from the pituitary gland during the recovery period ... more lactic acid (anaerobic exercise intensities either with weights or boot camp type drills) = more growth hormone....and I think we are all aware of what growth hormone does for us....more muscle, better glucose and fatty acid metabolism and usage, higher RMR (resting metabolic rate)....this is the stuff that I am teaching as part of the Exercise Etc Baby Boomer Fitness and Boot Camp fitness programs....and it works!"

So what does this mean to you my client?

Believe in what I tell you about training and eating.  I don't test out "experiments" or "quick fixes" to help you get results.  The drills that we do in boot camp, and the eating plans that I suggest for you are based on science and experience.

Once again, stick to the basics, train hard, eat right, get enough sleep (rest/recovery) and the results will come.

Look for the "next super pill" or "gadget" and you are bound to be disappointed.


P.S.  Look for the post this morning...and let me know what you ate for breakfast.