Today's Workout / by Stephen Cooper

A note on the workouts listed.  They may change from morning to evening, and there are often some other modifications.

I will be adding descriptions of the exercises as best I can.

  • Today's work time was 60 sec. to about 15 sec rest...
  • Equipment needed KB and medicine ball

Warm up 

Suicides between cones

Running Backwards between cones

Clapping or "plyometric" push ups  (knees=easy, toes=hard)

Split jumps


Partner drills-

From knees facing each other, medicine ball toss to partner, then push up

Standing medicine ball toss from hip, throwing to your partner using your core, R and L side toss

Dips on wall (on own=easy, with partner holding ankles=hard)

Walking with partner on back, "piggy back"


Rolling, reverse burpees  (Squat low to ground, roll onto back, touch shoulders, then roll to feet, stand up


Alternate between kettlebell exercises and medicine ball exercises

KB swings/ MB crunch ups

KB snatch R and L hands/ MB wood chops R and L

KB press R and L/ MB squat with press above head

KB altering hand swing/MB push up (1 hand on ball 1 push up, roll ball to other hand, and alternate)


Seated back to back MB exchange, clockwise/counter clockwise

Seated facing each other, ankles locked with your partner, one person leans back touches MB to ground over head, come up and toss MB to your partner.