Today's Workout / by Stephen Cooper

Warm up 2x

(first round, 60 sec. regular pace, second round, down to the count of 10 - hold for 2 seconds - up for 10 seconds...repeat this for the 60 seconds)

Push up

In and out crunch

Plie squat

Regular crunch

Russian twist


(Same pattern as above.  One set at regular pace for 60 sec., then 2nd set at 10 - 2 - 10 pace.)


KB pullover (on back, crunch position, arms straight, pull over)

Curl up crunch (on back, 1 leg straight on ground, other leg bent, regular crunch up)

KB chest press

Toe reaches (on back, legs up towards sky, bring shoulders and head up hand touch ankles)

KB skull crushers (on back, legs bent, elbows tight, extend hands up towards sky)

Diamond push ups

KB biceps curl

Double crunch (on back, elbows and knees come together to touch)

KB rear deltoid raise (bent over at waist, looking at ground, extend arms by side and raise hands)

Seated dip from mat

KB bent over row (bend at waist, KB in one hand, pull with your biceps and lat muscle)

Drop knees to the side, regular crunch up


Partner stretch (crossing arms, holding wrist, let butt sit back and away from your partner