"All in all I feel healthy and beautiful." / by Stephen Cooper

"...I also wanted to say how much I look forward to each Bootcamp day.  You always have great fun routines that are always different and never boring. The changes in my body are very evident especially to my husband and that also makes me very happy.  I also can see the progress I have made in my strength, dexterity, muscle tone and surprisingly my balance.  I can feel my progress and this has been good for my self esteem.

I also wanted to say that I have a condition called "Frozen shoulders" and have had to deal with chronic pain for over 6 years. There is no cure for it but exercise.  Since I have been at Bootcamp I have been almost pain free.  I have found that exercising in your program is not only challenging it is gentle and I have not had any injury or flare up due to over use of my shoulders.

All in all I feel healthy and beautiful.  Thank-you Stephen.  H."

"H" Altadena, CA via email