Underwriter by Stephen Cooper

"There is a tremendous amount of stress and tension in the mortgage business. That is why I have been training with Stephen Cooper for the last 4 years. He has taught me so much about exercising that it has left me energized. I have found in training with Stephen a better way of a stress free and healthier life."

Perla Mullen, Underwriter, Pasadena,CA

83 Years Young by Stephen Cooper

"The idea of exercising was suggested by my physician and believe me I have said " thank goodness" many times! I am a senior( 83 today!!)who definitely doesn't need to "shape-up" (it's too late....with me, it"s "keep up"...that's my goal....and who better to lead me in that direction, but Steve! I am sure that dealing with an arthritic with a senior takes plenty of patience and a lot of "know how".....that"s Steve!. Whenever I arrive at a training session I am wondering why and if I'll make it- ------and on leaving each session, I know how much better I feel and the rest of the day is a breeze. I would certainly recommend this to any senior......and especially with Steve."

Betty Woods, Arcadia,CA

Auditor by Stephen Cooper

"You are motivational, intelligent and use techniques that really work. I owe my weight loss success to you, you got me pointed in the right direction and I have stayed on track since we started training. Even though you are in California and I am in Denver, you still have an impact on my training success. Thanks for that!"

Mylissa Moore, IT Auditor, Denver, Colorado