Orientation Meeting Thursday Feb 12 at 5:45pm / by Stephen Cooper

Just last night, I received word from Aveson (our boot camp location) that we could meet there this Thursday night at 5:45pm for our pre-boot camp orientation.  I realize that because of work, you may not make it right on time, so do what you can. (I'm lenient here...but when the camp starts that's a different story.)

I know that this is after work and everyone's schedule is busy, but I want to meet you and answer any questions you may have before we start on Monday the 16th.

We will be meeting in the cafeteria/auditorium of Aveson school.
I have created a few pictures in hopes that they will assist you in finding the location.

This an informal meeting and if possible I suggest that you come in "workout" clothes.  You will have a chance to try some of the equipment...no big workouts, but just so you get a little familiar with some of the "tools" that we will be using.

I'll stay as long as necessary to answer any questions, plus if you like I will take body measurements such as body fat percentage, weight, and hip and waist circumferences. (This is optional, but I encourage you to have it done by me, or to do it on your own before you start on Monday.  You may not be pleased with the numbers, but it's the only way to document the changes you will be making.)If you will be having your measurements taken, please dress in such a manner in which you will feel comfortable with us using a tape measure on your belly and hips area.  This may mean a t-shirt, sports bra, etc.  No baggy clothes as your measurements will not be accurate.

I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.