Speaking of Incredible Before and After Pictures... / by Stephen Cooper

I've been working on the before and after pictures from our Paleo Challenge, and I'm also editing some other pictures.

I know that some people tend to think that fat loss "just happens' and that some people are "just lucky".  In my 17 plus years as a trainer, I've seen very few people who have this luck.  I'd say that about 5% of the population have this luck.

The rest of us work hard for results.

There are no shortcuts.

It takes a commitment to clean eating, training, and getting the proper rest and recovery.

I can vouch for this boot camp client below, that she deserves these awesome results.  She puts in the hard work.  I can remember there were times when I first started the boot camp, and some days there were only two people in my class, her and Vanessa (who has also gotten incredible results.)

What can you take away from this?

Get inspired...and know that you can do it too.