How serious are you about achieving your goals? / by Stephen Cooper

People who attend boot camp do so for many reasons.  

Some come for general health reasons, and many come to lose fat and to tone up.

I realize that there are many different levels of commitment too.  Some have more time and are more committed than others.  No judgement here, it's just that each person goes at his or her own speed.

Each person is on an individual path with specific goals.  I focus on these a lot.  The times that I am not with you I am working on programs, educating myself, and trying to discover the "missing link" for you to reach your desired goals.

I'm ready to introduce a new level of accountability. (Free to current boot campers.) 

This additional benefit is for those who are willing to put in the extra time tracking their workouts, food intake, body measurements, and whatever else I believe will help.  In turn, I will be monitoring these and providing you feedback and suggestions.

You'll be able to enter this information via your iPhone (sorry no Andriod app yet), or through your computer.

I will only accept a handful of people who are really serious about this.

If you have the time and the desire to commit to this, please email me, or comment here.  I will need to set up your account and password information.