Eat, Sleep, and The Solution / by Stephen Cooper

Years ago when I was working as a personal trainer at the Westin Hotel in Pasadena, I wrote out the "secrets to fat loss".

I wrote down exactly what you see in the picture above.

1.  Eat

2.  Sleep

3.  Train

If I had to go into a little more detail I'd add

1.  Eat clean 80-95% of the time depending on how much fat you need to lose.

2.  Sleep enough so that you wake up feeling rested.  Pay attention to your recovery, massage, foam rolling, etc..

3. Train.  Train smart, frequently challenging your body with varied exercises.

Master these!

Don't look for potions, pills, supplements, TV infomercial gimmicks, fad diets, Celebrity endorsed anything...master the basics.

So the big question for you is...How many of these did you complete today?

None?  One?  Two?, or All?