New Boot Camp Begins Tonight and Tomorrow / by Stephen Cooper

I was up pretty late last night (after 10pm) looking at Facebook, and came across this post from a current boot camper..."Stephen Cooper, thank you so much for getting me back in shape. It's been a year long journey and I feel stronger each day."

This came from a boot camper who just completed a half marathon this weekend.  

I can't express how proud I am of her.  I've seen how dedicated she has been with her training and her eating and it has really paid off in pounds lost, and being able live life to the fullest.

I say this as I know that most people join my boot camps to lose fat and tone, but there are much deeper things that can be accomplished by being in better shape.

In these days with the competition for jobs, doesn't it make sense to be as strong and healthy as possible?

Knowing that being fat and over stressed is a killer, isn't it time to make the commitment to getting yourself on the right track?

Like I always say, my boot camps are just one choice.  

The morning classes 5:45-6:30 MWF are pretty much full.  The evening classes 6-6:45, do have spaces available.

Three times a week for the month is $165.
Twice a week is $115.

We start new camps tonight, and tomorrow.

Join me, or get moving on your own.  Don't put any more excuses in the way.  It's time.

See you soon,

P.S.  Current clients please confirm with me if you will be continuing or not.  Thanks.