Oct 29 / by Stephen Cooper

Equipment Needed: Medicine Ball, Kettlebell, Sliders

Warm up (60 sec.)

  1. Side lying shoulder stretch
  2. "L" bentover pull up and scarecrow
  3. Supine "T" (pinch shoulder blades)
  4. L leg lunge forward, R hand down, L arm up towards sky

Work (3x90 sec)

  1. 25x jumping jacks, 10x push ups, 10x MB slams
  2. Run 2x, then plank hold
  3. KB swings 15x, then mountain climbers
  4. Hold partner feet, then partner holds push up position, then alt hand taps to shoulders
  5. KB overhead walks, then crunch
  6. KB cleans, then 1 leg slider alligator crawl
  7. KB bentover mid angle 45 degree press, then MB Russian twist
  8. Slider mountain climbers, then lean back and "drive" with weight (think Russian twist)
  9. Side plank, then MB pullover and touch toes
  10. Supine crunch, MB on R shoulder, R leg bent, L leg straight (and up) and L arm out to side, then crunch