October 31 / by Stephen Cooper



Equipment Needed: Medicine Ball

Warm up (65 sec.)

  1. Stationary frog squat (hold and alternating step outs)

  2. Step to hand, spider lunge

  3. Walkouts with push ups

  4. Penguin crunch

  5. Plank to push-ups

Work (65 sec)

  1. MB alternating push up, hand on ball

  2. Frog jumps while holding MB

  3. MB roll outs from knees

  4. Jumping jacks

  5. Supine, split legs, crunch up to toes with MB

  6. Plank jacks

  7. MB slams

  8. Split jumps

  9. Side plank with MB

  10. Bicycle crunch

  11. MB wood chops with alternating lunges

  12. Hips up reverse crunch with MB between knees

  13. Supine arms stretched up, holding ball, shoulders off ground, with straight leg scissors

  14. Mountain climbers

  15. Back to back ball exchange (with partner)

  16. Ankles together, crunch up and ball exchange