If you miss a class / by Stephen Cooper

For my new clients...  

If you miss a class, drop me a quick email and let me know what happened.  
I know when you don't make it, and wonder what has happened.  Are you sick,
out of town, injured, lazy?  I like to know so I can help you stay on track.  
Know that most times you can make up that missed class on any day before
the month ends.  Missed classes don't carry over. 

I'm also trying to get in the habit of emailing a link to the daily workout, so you
can do it on your own.  Email me if you have any questions when looking over
the workout.  I realize too that you may have told me in person about
missing...and I've forgotten to write it down, I apologize.  

My goal is to help you get to your goals as soon as possible (while staying
safe), so keeping me in the loop when you miss, is important.  

Thanks, Coop