Choosing A Specific Time To Exercise / by Stephen Cooper

When I started my Boot Camp about 8 years ago, my gut feeling said it was important to "enforce" that clients register for and attend class on specific days and times.

I realized that for many new trainees, sticking to an exercise program was a big part of their frustrations in not seeing results.  In my own case, I know I'm different, be that good or bad, but the way I handle stress and get a "high" out of life, is by exercising.  I'll get it in no matter what.  But if you know that's not in your DNA, then I encourage you to stick to a certain day and time.  Commit, and make it happen.

I've realized that I've been more lax lately in letting clients "make their own schedule", and sadly, I see them missing more and more.  There are way too many distractions pulling us from all directions, and for many the discipline cannot sustain the temptations.

If you find yourself on this ship without a sail, pause for awhile and revisit your values.  What matters most to you?  And get back on track.

From Tony Schwartz's awesome book...  "A group of subjects was asked to exercise at least once for 20 minutes during the next week.  That hardly seems like a daunting challenge, but based on the request itself, only 29 percent complied.  A second group was given the same challenge, along with detailed information about the significant role of exercise plays in reducing the risk of heart disease, an attempt to further motivate them.  Compliance rose modestly, to 39 percent.  A third group was asked to commit to exercising at a specific time, on a specific day, at a designated location.  For this group, compliance more than doubled to an extraordinary 91 percent.