Let me worry about it... / by Stephen Cooper

As a coach and trainer, I try to simplify the path to fat loss and better health.

These days there is so much information overload, I think that people often get caught up in the bombardment of stuff, and the action and execution often are pushed to the side.  

Time spent scrolling through pictures of models exercising is exchanged for putting in the work.  I counted one fitness girl's Instagram video postings, and she had 37 in one day.  That's 1.5 per hour!

You only have so much time in your day (and life), so make it count.

If you commit to training at Boot Camp, you can set specific times and days where you know you'll get in much-needed exercise.  You just need to show up, and know that I've put in the time with the programming, which will help you get closer to your goals.  

By attending Boot Camp you are developing the life long habits of training and eating better.  This isn't a quick fix.

Commit to self-improvement.  Change what needs to be changed. Today, not Monday, not the first of the month...but today.

August Camps start Tuesday, August 1 for the Tues/Thurs Camps, and Wednesday, August 2, for the Mon/Wed/Fri Camps.

Cost is $175 for the 13 class MWF Camp

and $135 for the 10 class Tu/Thur Camp

Contact me for questions and to register.









The August Boot Camps start next week.