Accountability Plan for October / by Stephen Cooper

View near my daughter’s place in Washington State.

View near my daughter’s place in Washington State.

Note to Active Clients:

Good morning,

I want to make this a great month for you. I treat this like personal training and want to give you the attention like I would a one on one client.

I first need to know if you are continuing this month?

If so, read on...

Do you want me to hold you accountable, or is your training style more of "I'll just show up when I can fit it in"? Let me know by responding to this email.

What is your schedule like for October?

Will you miss certain days?

If you miss a workout unexpectedly, just shoot me a quick email on why you missed and when you'll make it up. (Know that you come to any workout mornings or evenings.) I ask why you missed so I know if you are injured, sick, or just missed for no reason. This helps me to adjust or coach you and your training.

What is one habit or one goal that you want to work on this month?